VMware Learning Zone Premium Package 6 Month Promotion

현재 VMware 에서 VMware Learning Zone (이하 VLZ) 서비스에 대한 6개월 무료 프로모션을 진행하고 있습니다.

등록후 182일간 무료입니다. 11월 6일까지 등록 가능합니다.


등록링크는 다음과 같습니다.




상세한 내용은 아래를 참조하세요!


VMware Learning Zone Premium Subscription 6 Month Promotion


Q: What is VMware Learning Zone?
A: VMware Learning Zone is an online digital library including over 1500 videos, 65 self-paced courses, and 12 Certification Exam Prep courses across all VMware solutions.


Q: What is included in the VMware Learning Zone Premium promotion?
A: 182 days of 24/7 access to VMware Learning Zone Premium for free.


Q: Who is eligible for this promotion?
A: Everyone! We realize that people are juggling a lot of different priorities right now, and our goal with this promotion is to provide a flexible learning option for people to consume what they need, on a schedule that works for them.


Q: How long is this promotion available?
A: You can register for this offer any time from now through November 6, 2020.


Q: When will my subscription expire?
A: Your subscription will expire 182 days from the date you register for the promotion.


Q: How do I take advantage of this promotion?
A: First, login to myLearn.

1. Already registered myLearn users: Login HERE
2. New myLearn users: Register HERE
3. Having issues logging in? Email myLearn Support
Next, register for the promotion using the VLZ registration link.


Q: I am already a VLZ Premium subscriber. Can I still take advantage of this promotional offer?
A: Yes! If your subscription ends before November 6, 2020, you can use the VLZ registration link to register for an additional 6 months of VLZ premium. Please wait until after your current subscription expires.
If your subscription ends after November 6, 2020, please contact a VMware Education sales representative to discuss how to take advantage of 6 months of VLZ Premium for free after your current paid subscription ends.


Q: What if I would rather purchase VLZ Premium for 12 months?
A: Great! We are still offering 12 months access to VLZ Premium. Contact your VMware Education sales representative for more information.

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